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Adam Hommey

Creator, The Podcast R.E.A.C.H. System

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How the recession makes it more difficult to open conversations about potential business deals, even those that could happen down the road - and what you can do about it today
Why know, like, and trust are important - and how launching your podcast adds one more critical ingredient that increases your closings, revenues, and profits over time even during a recession
What's missing from conversations about product launches and ad campaigns, and how launching your recession-proof podcast fills this potentially disastrous void 
The elephant in the room about why "free strategy sessions" actually HINDER your ability to close deals and, overall, high-ticket prospects won't "hop on a Zoom real quick" or have "virtual coffee" with you, either
The 3 Podcast Profits Protection Factors, and how they come together and virtually guarantee you'll continue to attract prospects and close deals even during the recession
How your recession-proof podcast not only transforms would-be "brain pickers" into partners and potential clients, but also allows you to brain-pick without becoming a "brain picker" yourself
Where to find the support you need building a podcast, and the answer to the #1 roadblock that holds entrepreneurs back
And much, much more!

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